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10 reasons to stop apologizing

An UnLeashed Woman does NOT apologize for these 10 things…

We’ve found that by the time we reached a certain age, we were well over all the apologizing that over the years had become a habit.

We’ve discussed this a lot over the last year, which we know was tough on all of us as we readjusted to our new normal. We realized that we had less tolerance for old behaviors we had been clinging to during this adjustment period.

Sorry not sorry.  10 reasons women need to stop apologizing

Being an UnLeashed woman means, at some point, we’ve got to give up all the apologizing we do for things that don’t actually require it. We’re over it, and at this point in mid-life, you probably are too.

The top 10 things we think an UnLeashed woman should stop apologizing for today are:

1. Taking your “Me” time. Whatever that looks like for you… You deserve that time, and the more you take it, the more you’ll actually start making that time for yourself. You need that time to recharge in whatever form that looks like for you. No apology necessary.

2. Your imperfections. You’ve made it to today exactly how you are. Perfectly imperfect. Besides, our imperfections sometimes lead us to our strengths. Maybe that imperfection will lead to something that turns out to be a business for you…or to that person who’s your perfect complement…when you weren’t even looking for one or the other!

Not your mother's middle age.  The UnLeashed Woman, redefining aging for women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond.

3. Getting out of a toxic relationship. You know the one…it’s not great for you (and you know it.) Maybe family or friends loves them but still not great for or a good fit for YOU. This can include your toxic friendships as well. Are there friendships you’ve been holding on to where deep down you know they’re unhealthy (think square peg…round hole), but you keep making excuses, apologizing, and hanging on to that friendship? You know the friend we’re talking about. It’s time…

4. Standing your ground…sticking to your guns when it’s best for YOU. Time to choose what makes you happy over what stresses you out. Women tend to be nurturers. How many times have you chosen the more stressful option over the one that would actually make you happier? It is time to start (even if it’s baby steps) choosing what makes you happy over what stresses you the heck out.

5. Not getting back to someone right away. Sometimes, you need to take a minute before responding, and that’s ok. We live in a time where people want and expect an almost immediate response. We tend to put ridiculous expectations on ourselves and others about responding right away. Ignore that…when it’s right for YOU, respond. It’s ok to keep scrolling through emails, not pick up that call or even not answer the door.

Not your mother's middle age.  The UnLeashed Woman, redefining aging for women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond.

6. Saying NO. We’ve said this before, and it bears repeating… NO is a powerful word that we need to rediscover as we age. We so often get caught up taking care of everyone but ourselves and pile more and more on our plates. Aren’t you tired of saying YES when inside, you’re actually screaming a big fat NO?! We challenge you to turn a YES into a NO today! Then go to our “The UnLeashed Woman” official Facebook group and tell us about your NO and how it made you feel.

7. Loving that someone your friends and family don’t quite get. Yes, stop apologizing for that too. Your happiness hinges on YOUR decisions and YOUR personal tastes. It’s ok for others not to understand how or why you love the way you do.

8. Stop apologizing for your priorities. At this stage of life, we feel like it’s ok to reprioritize some things to look at what we may have previously given up but can now fit in if priorities are shuffled a bit.

9. Stop apologizing for telling the truth! We understand that the truth can be painful. But we do more harm to ourselves when we let things slide where it comes to truth and then apologize for it. Can you think of when you’ve done that? How did it make you feel? We’re betting it didn’t feel great.

10. Following your dream. Stop apologizing for it. Why on earth are we apologizing for going for it? Think of all you’ve already given up just trying to make that dream happen.

Not your mother's middle age.  The UnLeashed Woman, redefining aging for women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond.

Have you ever felt like you apologized for a dream simply because you didn’t want another person to feel bad? Well, a true friend will be so stinking happy for you for walking forward to your dream. They won’t want to detract from your happiness. As women and especially in midlife and beyond, we need to become more comfortable with going after what we want. Life is too short not to.

Did we leave anything off our top 10 that you think women should stop apologizing for? If so, let us know.


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