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2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Tis the Season!

The UnLeashed Woman has you covered with a fabulous, curated selection of gifts for everyone on your list…even the ones who seem to have everything! We’ve done the legwork for you and tried every item listed. We guarantee that at least one or two you will want to gift to yourself.

You'll find gifts within each of the following categories:

Time is running out, so don’t wait; settle in and read on for our curated 2022 selection.

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Eight Saints Clean Skincare | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Skincare that loves your skin & shows up for you in a BIG Way!

Over the years, we have tried SO many skincare lines that promised this result or that, and then later, we find out it’s packed full of chemicals, and the results were either short-lived or non-existent. Well, our search ended with Eight Saints (clean) skincare line, and we are now Eight Saints lifers. First off, we noticed results VERY quickly with this line and simply love, love, love every single product we tried. The products contain ingredients like shea butter, hyaluronic acid, marula oil, peptides, and many other skin-loving ingredients. It’s also cruelty-free, small batch processed, made in the USA, plant-based, and responsibly sourced.



Three Ships Lip Treatment Kit | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

I love flaky and dry lips…said no one EVER.

Say YES to a one-two punch for impossibly smooth lips. We use this at night before bed for what we call “miracle lips” in the morning. Start with the vanilla exfoliator and follow with the buttercream hydrating mask. Awake to smooth and soft lips. We found that the mask stayed put overnight, and a little goes a long way!



Nulastin Brow Serum | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Say bye-bye to sparse brows.

We were skeptical about a product that claimed it could help grow out brows we had long said goodbye to. But we tried Nulastin brow serum and stuck with it. After about three weeks of consistent use, new growth could be seen. Skepticism kicked to the curb!



Trio Brow Stencil Kit | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

For when you want perfect brows in seconds.

The brow trio was an incredible find this year! We nicknamed this “no fail” brows because it only takes seconds, it never fails to give you perfect brows every single time, and it’s simple to use. Takes less than a minute to apply, is waterproof, and lasts up to 36 hours.



Wander Beauty | Mile High Club Mascara | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Raise your hand if you want full and flirty lashes.

There’s a good reason Wander Beauty’s Mile High Club mascara has been voted one of the best mascaras over and over again. It does what it says it’ll do. It creates lush flirty lashes with its highly pigmented color and rich formula. Plus, we love it even more because it’s clean and cruelty-free without parabens, phthalates, or mineral oil. This is the mascara you’ve been dreaming of finding after tossing another mascara that clumped and failed you yet again.



RealHer Moisturizing Lipstick | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Inspiration on your lips and out of your mouth.

The RealHer lipstick line isn’t just about how beautiful the colors are, how it hydrates your lips, how there is a color for every skin tone, or even the fact that it’s cruelty free... Those are all fabulous things and make this a worthwhile option every time! But what really stole our hearts, combined with all of the above is that the color names are inspirational affirmations meant to empower us with every use.



Lipstick Queen | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Lipstick Queen’s Blue By You lip color is a shade shifter lipstick that morphs to a metallic pink. We kind of cringed when we heard the words “metallic pink.” But we assure you that this beauty is such a great pink color that works on almost everyone. Plus, it’s fun to see it morph from blue to pink right before your eyes.



Bold Uniq | Purple Shampoo | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Classy, NOT Brassy

We loved that this helped extend the time between salon visits, and we saw a visible difference after the first wash. It’s paraben and sulfate free and works on blonde, platinum, gray, and silver hair. An added bonus is the innovative UV protectors that help protect your hair from the sun.



Curlsmith | Vegan Curl Care | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Get your curl on!

Curlsmith’s Hold Me Softly Style Balm is the answer to a soft natural hold for your curls. Works like magic! Keeps your hair soft throughout the drying process. Translation: No crunchy curls. Packed with natural ingredients and without any sulphates, silicones, mineral oils, or phthalates and is cruelty-free.


Curlsmith | Natural Curly Girl Curls | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Your moisture miracle

Your leave-in moisturizing miracle for dry and porous hair. Curly girl friendly and leaves your hair ultra-moisturized without feeling weighted down and heavy.

Plus, a full line of other curl-friendly products no matter your hair type.


Personal Care & Fitness | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Disposable Lash Spoolies | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Lash it out.

Functional and cute in bright colors. These multi-functional wands can be bent according to your needs. We keep them in every purse and in our makeup drawers for use daily for separating lashes with or without extensions.

$3.99 (for 100)


Hair Detangling Brush | Curly Hair Brush | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Nobody likes crying due to tangled hair…

Crying while doing your hair not your thing? No? Ours either. This detangling brush is a game changer. It’s designed to minimize pain and help protect hair against split ends. It’s great for all hair types…short, straight, curly, long, or whatever you’re rocking.

$9.99 (pack of 3)


Each & Every All-natural deodorant | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Happy Pits? Yes, please!

Finally, a great natural, aluminum-free, and baking soda-free deodorant that we are thrilled to share with everyone. Light scent and no stained clothes!



Boka All natural toothpaste | Clean toothpaste | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Treat your pearly whites.

Believe the hype! This natural toothpaste is magic in a tube. We loved that it does triple duty by making sensitivity disappear fairly fast, whitens teeth, and can remineralize your teeth…all without fluoride or other chemicals. This goes in the “win” category!



Sonicare Electric toothbrush | Sonic toothbrush | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Make brushing time count.

This toothbrush helps keep your brushing time honest with a timer that tracks your progress in real-time and can be viewed in a companion app. We also loved that it came with three different smart brush heads that automatically pairs to the corresponding mode for the brush. Made brushing seem to fly by!



Water-absorbing wristbands | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Say Goodbye to Wet Arms.

Don’t you hate when you wash your face and the water rolls back down your arms and makes a mess? We do too! The plush wristbands make the mess that face washing time can bring become a non-event. Pop them on and get that face clean without the mess!

$8.99 (for 4 pack)


Rosie Jane | Wake the F*ck Up All natural bodywash | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

When you need to wake up and charge into your day.

This body wash is SO much more than just a cleverly named soap. It cleanses gently, doesn’t strip your body of its natural oils, and is packed with antioxidants and clean ingredients. This body wash is perfect for when you need to steal a few moments for yourself or for any time you need that lift. Nice light scent and is wonderfully hydrating.



Moxe shower spray | Vapor Shower Spray | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Breathe, girl…. Breathe

This essential oil shower spray is like a spa visit in a bottle. Just spray your shower walls or spray into the stream of water, and Voila! You’re transported to your own spa paradise. Breathe it in and melt that stress away!



Ecotools makeup brush cleanser | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Say goodbye to expensive make-up brush cleaners.

Don’t you get annoyed when you need to use ½ a bottle of cleaner to clean your brushes? We did too! This non-toxic cleaner can be used on sponges, brushes, and applicators and leaves zero oily residue. A little bit goes a long way, and it’s a great value!



Amazon Halo Fitness Tracker | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Measure how you move, sleep or sound.

This discreet tracker can track your steps, sleep time + sleep tracking, and heart rate. It can even tell you what your tone sounds like when you speak to others. It’s also swim-proof and water-resistant to 50M. We have enjoyed seeing our daily sleep scores and other daily markers, and it’s been a great way to see our daily and weekly progress.



Tuckets non-slip workout socks | yoga socks | barre socks | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

No more slipping and sliding.

Get your footing! No more sliding around on the floor during yoga, Pilates, Barre, and stretching. These open-toe gripper socks help support alignment and balance and are super comfy.



Barefoot Scientist | Clipper set | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Clip, Clip, Clip!!

Best clippers EVER! These clippers are sturdy and make a clean clip the first time and every time after. These clippers stay sharp and fit comfortably in your hand. No more tiny clippers that fall out of your hand. Our husbands used ours so much that we both ended up gifting them their own!


Gifts for Her | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Teabloom Vienna Glass Teapot | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Elevate your daily teatime.

Teabloom’s Vienna glass teapot is the bit of whimsy missing from your daily teatime. It’s lightweight but made from super durable crystal clear borosilicate. It’s perfect for tea for one or two and elevates teatime. Bonus points for the extra-wide handle and non-drip spout.



Sleep Sloth Sleep Mask | Best Sleep Mask for Lash Extensions | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Soft and Comfortable.

This is a perfect fit even if you have long natural lashes or lux lash extensions. We searched long and hard for this one. It blocks all light and stays put while you sleep. It’s washable (gentle cycle) and reusable. Who’s ready for a great night’s sleep?



Face It Girl Inspirational products | Gifts for woman boss | gifts for women | Girlboss gifts | Momboss gifts | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Face it girl; you need daily inspiration. We ALL do.

We love this line of clever inspirational mugs that are for the woman who likes her messaging bold and in your face…with sayings like. ‘Face it girl, you’re straight up magic,” “Face it girl, slay then Rosé,” and more. We’ve been gifting them left and right already this season.



Nest Candle | hostess gift | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Floral and enchanting.

Nest’s Bamboo scented votive candle was purchased as a gift, but the smell was so intoxicating that it ended up as a gift to self. ☺ This votive is scented with green notes, lush jasmine, hyacinth, and white lotus. These richly scented candles are vegan and cruelty fee. They make great hostess gifts or gifts for your bestie.



After Party puzzle | feminine puzzle for her | hostess gift | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

For the after party or girls' night in.

This was just so much fun to put together! Quiet night in or fun to put on a table during a party and have your girlfriends put it together throughout the night. That’s what we did, and it was a blast getting it completed by the end of the night. The After Party puzzle also makes a great hostess gift for that friend who has everything.



Feminine garment bag | gift for her | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Travel in style.

Sooooo, cute! Finally, a stylish garment bag (that truly turns heads when traveling)! Sturdy canvas and just the perfect size to fit a few of your favorite pieces. Protects your garments and keeps them looking fresh.


Cateye sunglasses | non prescription cateye sunglasses | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

For when you’re feeling a little extra.

These Sojos, Cateye “Fire” shades fit the bill for those days you are feeling a little extra or for any day you feel like elevating your shade game. The beauty of these sunglasses is that they are stylish, high quality, durable, and most important of all… budget-friendly! Grab them in different frame and lens colors at that price, so you have one for every mood!



Fashionable velvet shoelaces | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Never a boring step…

Why should your sneakers or lace-up boots be ordinary when they can be extraordinary. The Atlas velvet shoe laces turn any shoe or boot into something a little more special. We tried the laces on sneakers and on boots and couldn’t decide which we love most. It took both the boot and the sneaker up a notch!



purse organizer insert | handbag organizer insert | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

No more handbag frustration…

At some point, our handbags can turn into a bottomless pit where we can’t easily find what we need. This organizer nips that in the bud. We love the purse insert organizer and its multiple compartments. It comes in different sizes and keeps everything neatly organized in your purse or tote. Tip: Get a bright color for inside a dark-lined bag. It makes finding things even easier against the light or bright backdrop.

$21.99- $32


thick, non-slip, no-show socks | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

No show & Non-slip socks.

We discovered these socks after discovering the sneakers we just “had to have” ran a little big and were not returnable. Great find! Pareberry socks are no-show and nonstick and thick and comfy. Feels like you’re walking on a cloud. Helped shoes fit better, and unlike most no-show socks, they don’t slip off your heel and end up under your foot.



Feetures no-show compression fitness socks | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

For the runner

Feetures Elite Ultralight No Show Tab performance socks are the ultimate socks for running, tennis, golf, or cycling. Zone-targeted compression that feels like a custom fit. BONUS: These socks come with a lifetime guarantee!



Running Girl Sports Bra | Medium support sports bra | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

For days you want to wear something cute during your workout.

This Running Girl sports bra is medium support. It’s super comfy, and we love the straps on the back. The straps are not only cute, but perfectly placed, so you have free arm movement, and you don’t feel constricted like some medium-support sports bras tend to make you feel. Cute + comfy = grab in more than one color!



Face It Girl Inspirational  Apparel | Girlboss gifts | Momboss gifts | Woman Boss Gifts | Boss Babe Gifts | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Face it girl; sometimes you want your tee to inspire.

We adore these perfect-fit inspirational tees. They hug you in all the right places for a perfect fit. The tees have clever and empowering messaging that gets people talking. They make the perfect gift for your bestie, sister, friends, or, let’s face it girl…, it’s a great gift for yourself. Have fun shopping the various empowering and inspirational sayings!



Paige Manhattan Jeans | Stretch fit jeans for women | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Some days you just want your jeans to look and feel perfect.

The Paige Manhattan jean is the go-to jean style this season. We love how it elongated our bodies and really presented a fabulous line. You can pair it with a flat shoe, a bootie, or heels, and they look amazing. Plus, we loved the super stretch and how comfy they are to wear. They’re 54% rayon, 23% cotton, 22% polyester, and 1% spandex. Wore these on Thanksgiving, and they still felt good after dessert. ☺

$171 - $229


PJ Salvage women's flannel pajama set | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Get cozy at home.

Cozy up at home in PJ Salvage Women’s flannel PJ set with martini print. Soft, cozy and warm. Throw these soft flannel Pj’s on and stay in for the night!



UGG Ansley | UGG slipper shoe | UGG short boot | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Your feet will thank you.

The Ugg Ansley slipper is super plush and comfy. Whether you’re already an Ugg superfan or simply looking to keep your tootsies warm in the winter, these slippers have become THE go-to slipper. Nothing worse than freezing feet. These keep your feet at a comfortable temp without overheating them.

$89.95 - $99.95


Tortoise hoop earrings | Lightweight hoop earrings | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Playful yet classic.

2” tortoise hoops that add a touch of style and flair to any outfit. Super lightweight and can be worn with just about anything. Not too big and not too small.


Gifts for him | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Brickell skincare for him | all natural clean skincare for men | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Keep him looking good.

Guys need guy products. Period. Their skin has different needs than ours and let’s face it…we want them using what works best for them. This skincare line dropped on our radar earlier this year and we thought our husbands might enjoy something made with them in mind. Our husbands tried this line and loved it! Using it has improved their skin and since it works, they’ve been able to stick to the routine (and stay out of our products). This is the perfect gift for the man in your life who wants to take care of his skin. Bonus: The entire line is reasonably priced and won’t break the bank.



Simple Modern stainless steel tumbler with straw | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Take it to go.

The Simple Modern (leakproof) tumbler is excellent for beverages on the go or at home. We love how long a beverage stays hot or cold! The tumbler comes with a flip lid and a straw lid with 2 straws. It’s dishwasher safe and holds up to being carted around day after day.



Fashionable zipper fleece cardigan | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Baby, it’s cold outside.

This fleece-lined full zipper cardigan will keep him warm and stylish. This cardigan can easily transition from day to night. Great selection of colors and a very flattering slim fit.



Traeger wood pellet grill | wood pellet smoking grill | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Help him live out his BBQ King fantasy.

Never use gas or charcoal again. From the creator of the original wood pellet grill, this Traeger grill will elevate his grill time. It has a max temp of 450 degrees F, and precise temperature controls with grilling logic that keeps temps within plus/minus 15 degrees F for guaranteed precision grilling. Grilling perfection every time you use.



Ember temperature control mug | coffee warming mug | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Say goodbye to lukewarm coffee.

No matter how many distractions take away from coffee time, it’ll be the desired temp when you get back to sipping. This Ember temperature control smart mug can keep your coffee hot up to 1 ½ hours on a single charge or hot all day on its charging coaster. BONUS: You can control the temperature through an app on your smartphone!


For The Cook | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Geoffrey Zakarian non-stick cast iron pan | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

You’ll never want another “regular” cast iron pan again!

One of the best features of this 11” cast iron pan is that it DOES NOT require seasoning at any time. Foods slip right out without sticking, and clean-up takes seconds. It is PFAS, PFOA, PTFE, lead, and cadmium free and can be used on the stovetop, in the oven, or on the grill. This pan quickly became a favorite. It’s used so much; it rarely gets put back in the cabinet!



Cuisinart ice cream maker | pink ice cream maker | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Chill out with your favorite ice cream.

Makes 1 ½ quarts of creamy and smooth ice cream in about 20 minutes. Whether you use a premade mix or your own recipe, this ice cream maker is easy to use and fun for the whole family. This has allowed us to have homemade ice cream year-round. Simple and quick. TIP: Store the double insulated freezer bowl in the freezer so it’s ready to use at any time without waiting for it to chill.



Nutiva organic butter flavored coconut oil | dairy free butter coconut spread | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Yummy and delish.

This butter-flavored coconut oil tastes like butter but without the dairy. We use it as a swap for butter in cooking, on toast, and even over popcorn. It’s USDA organic and Non-GMO. It has no coconut flavor and holds up beautifully in heat. The texture is like butter and melts very well.

$22 (2 jars).


Mix it up.

When you bake, you want the very best. The kitchen aid mixers are our favorite mixers for baking, and we consider these mixers to be the gold standard. We loved so much that we ended up with 2 sizes…the 5 quart and the 7. The 5 is amazing for almost everything except double batches, so that’s how we ended up with both models. Both are amazing, but if you do large scale baking and prefer to make larger batches or double recipes, we recommend the 7 quart over the 5 quart.

5 Quart $349

7 quart $599


Cuisinart double Belgian waffle maker | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Feed the masses.

This double Belgian waffle iron makes golden waffles two at a time and speeds up getting family and friends served more quickly. The timer indicates which waffle is finished cooking first and releases easily. By the time you remove the first one, the second is ready to be removed. The family loves using this waffle iron and taking turns flipping it to remove their waffles.



Water bottle cleaning tablets | self-cleaning tablets for water bottles | 2022 Curated Faves & Raves Shopping List

Miracle Clean!

These odor-busting and cleansing tablets for tumblers and bottles works like a charm. They don’t replace your daily washing, but they remove the smells and stains that build up inside your tumblers and bottles over time from daily use. No scrubbing required. Simply fill your tumbler or bottle and pop one in for 10-15 minutes. We couldn’t believe how well it cleans the build-up and left tumblers and water bottles sparkling like new.