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PART I: Tips to UnLeash your strength when you feel overwhelmed by life.

We think it would be an understatement to say that the last year or so has NOT been normal and has left us feeling overwhelmed in SO many areas of our lives.

There comes a point where you need to stop and take a look at what’s overwhelming you and figure out how to eliminate the added stress in your life. In this 2-part series, we’ll focus on things that can help you get past situations you may not even realize are weighing you down and causing undue stress. By the end of this series, we hope you feel lighter, and the little things stop compounding and turning into bigger things.

1. Stop the constant comparing yourself to others and focus on YOU.

How many times have you fallen into a vicious cycle where you compare yourself to others…and then feel “less than” them and inadequate?

Keep in mind that everyone is fighting some battle, so what you see on the outside and compare yourself to is likely not the true picture. You’re seeing their highlight reel and probably not aware that they are also fighting their own battle on some level.

2) Stop arguing with strangers.

You know what we’re talking about… On social media… in the market, on the street. Wherever… This is a waste of your time and energy and doesn’t serve you, nor does it lead to anything good. It only irritates you and ups your stress levels.

3) Allow yourself to be vulnerable.

This may look/feel different for everyone. For some, this could mean showing that you make mistakes. We don’t mean arbitrarily putting mistakes front and center for everyone to see. We’re saying don’t be ashamed of them. Because admitting our mistakes can give us the incentive to push forward when and where we need to, it can help you with your feelings and help you share them with others.

4) Pat yourself on the back for your successes.

We encourage you to celebrate your successes and share them with those who care about you. We’re not talking about bragging about how great you are but acknowledging what you’re proud of accomplishing. Those who care about you will gladly support you and lift you.

5) Declutter by throwing out things you have not used in a LONG time!

You know the stuff we’re talking about…clothes, shoe items you never really liked but have held on to for some reason. Perhaps for you, it’s household items you never use and know you will never use any time in the future. It’s all the stuff that weighs you down, and you know you don’t have room for it. You likely won’t even miss it once it’s gone!

Now is the time to give it away to a charity, women’s shelter, or a cause close to your heart. We promise you; it’ll feel amazing!

We hope you take these tips in Part 1 to heart, as they have helped us in the past year. We look forward to sharing Rules 6-10 in our next installment.

In the meantime, hop over to our Facebook page, or comment below. Share your thoughts on which tip(s) resonated with you the most.


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